Only a red dot?

Project Description

 Only you and your imagination…

Art is a way of living – more intense, fulfilled, more beautiful.

Through art, music, theatre, film, people communicate with each other, transmitting not only “news” but also what they feel and think. Art can’t be fully understood or explained, nor translated into words, it transmits the message in its own language, which the public that receives must feel.

The work of art is addressed through one of the five senses – music through hearing, painting and literature through seeing, sculpture involves touching and theater, opera and film all of them. None of these arts stop at these superficial pleasures, strictly limited to the organs, but from them, all the other senses resonate, the whole body and soul, the whole being.

With every article, the reader is invited to a trip in another field, with its paths, mysteries and surprises. While sharpening your sensitivity and polishing your tastes, knowledge is gained in time by seeing and reading more.

At the same time, this page also addresses to all my friends, willing to get started in a field for which they have not had enough time before.

I actually gathered in one place all the things that I would have liked to learn, from the beginning, in simple words, in the schools I passed, from life and experiences.