Madame Poly - spring-summer 2019 collection - pink girl - desktop versionMadame Poly - spring-summer 2019 collection - pink girl - mobile version

She is a dreamer. It is she who makes her dreams wings and flies. It is she who chooses the highest elevations for a sublime view.

New Look – this was the background for the spring-summer collection of 2019. This period represented a transition from a decade characterized by the masculinization of women’s outfits towards embracing a romantic and nostalgic femininity vision, which resonates with Belle Epoch. This has generated a collection that had a strong impact on the fashion press of those times and opened the way for the post-war revival of Paris as the center of international fashion.

With the current Madame Poly collection, the designer, Alina Polixenia, brings back the feminine uniqueness which dazzles through elegance and discretion while keeping the mystery and creating poetry.

The concept behind the collection was born from the combination of minimalist design elements and remarkable crafted details. Sometimes the fabric takes the lead, this is why silk, crepe and taffeta were used. Known for its nobility and valued for its strength, lightness and luster, silk has also an excellent ability to carry vivid colors. Everything was embellished with fabric covered buttons and different types of pleats.

The atelier is a white canvas, on which ideas take shape with the help of skillful hands and the ability of those who are in charge to fulfill the creative vision of the designer.




Madame Poly - spring-summer 2019 collection - savoir-faire - buttons on pleats

Fabric covered buttons and different types of pleats are featured elements of the spring-summer collection 2019. The savoir-fair of Madame Poly is presented trough images taken in the atelier during the creative act of the various garment pieces.